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          The Queen Elizabeth Academy,
          Witherley Road,
          CV9 1LZ

          T: 01827 712 477

          E: info@tqea.attrust.org.uk


          Welcome to The Queen Elizabeth Academy




          Please click here to access the Covid-19 section of the website including risk assessments for wider opening

          Please click here to access our most recent communications.

          For any safeguarding queries please see our safeguarding page.


          In common with all schools across the country, TQEA is partially closed until further notice.  Thank you for your understanding, our online provision is fully in place and has been updated for the summer term.  We are working individually with the small number of key worker families who are unable to make alternative arrangements and continue to do so on a regular basis please contact info@tqea.org.uk for further details.


          We are continuing to support students who receive Free School Meals.  The government scheme is now in place, you should receive a code via email which will allow you to choose from a range of supermarkets.  You should then receive a code on a weekly basis.

          We have been made aware that there are a number of scam emails and websites in circulation, allegedly allowing parents to check their eligibility for FSM and eventually taking your bank details.  Please go directly to //www.gov.uk/apply-free-school-meals If you wish to check.  This will then take you through a safe route to our Local Council website where you can find details of how to apply.


          We will continue to use this website as our primary means of communication. Please check the parent section regularly for letters and the Coronavirus section for other information including work set.


          In keeping with the fantastic community spirit that we are seeing there are going to be some well-meaning organisations that offer teaching or education support whilst the schools are going through a period of closure.

          However, if you were considering this please also think about the Government guidance relating to Covid-19 and measures needed to reduce the risks of spreading through social spacing as far as possible and therefore the wider risk to the community (especially the elderly) of accidently spreading the virus.  Please also be aware that ALL such organisations are expected to have safeguarding policies and procedures that refer to Keeping Children Safe in Education (2019) and the 2015 Prevent duty in place as well as a trained designated lead for safeguarding and a deputy. Any education institution without these measures in place should be reported to the Local authority who will take appropriate steps to ensure that all children are kept safe in these difficult times.


          We are committed to working with our community at this unprecedented time.

          Neil Harding – Principal, Ann Webb – Chair of Governors and Andrew Wilson – Executive Principal



          A message from our Principal, Neil Harding

          Welcome to The Queen Elizabeth Academy located in the historic North Warwickshire town of Atherstone. The school’s traditions are founded upon the opening of the original Queen Elizabeth Grammar School in 1573. In 2016 the school moved into a state of the art learning facility which provides outstanding opportunities for our whole community to learn and grow together.

          We epitomise our mission that, “We can and we will,” in all we do and the year on year successes our students celebrate is testimony to the lived experience of our core purpose. We provide every TQEA student, from all backgrounds and with all abilities, with an exceptional education underpinned by an ambitious curriculum and high quality teaching. It is a curriculum for all in which students’ talents in Humanities, Technology, Arts, Performance and Music are nurtured along with the Core curriculum of Mathematics, English, Science and Citizenship. In doing so we prepare students for lifelong learning and the opportunity to compete and succeed in their chosen career path. Therefore, for every student we have the highest ambitions and this leads us to expect excellent standards of personal behaviour and mutual respect from all in our community.

          Most importantly we are relentless in our care for our students and are committed to safeguarding. We want our students to emerge from their time at TQEA as happy, personally and academically successful young people who are well-prepared to contribute positively as adults to their families and their communities.


          Neil Harding



          A message from our Executive Principal, Andrew Wilson

          The sustained success over recent years at TQEA is living evidence of our commitment that “we can and we will”.   We foster a culture of learning by ensuring mutual respect and good behaviour with an ethos based upon high quality teaching and a commitment to safeguarding.  We believe that all students can achieve well and have a balanced curriculum with personalised routes to success.  This is supplemented by a wide range of extra-curricular experiences and opportunities.  We aim for our students to be academically successful but also to be prepared for adulthood as happy and effective citizens.


          Andrew Wilson

          Executive Principal



          A message from our Regional Education Director, Vince Green

          TQEA is an academy that our trust is extremely proud of. The academy exemplifies our trust’s desire to ‘transform lives’ of young people and the Atherstone community that it serves. Improvements made at TQEA in recent years have resulted in outstanding facilities, exceptional academic performance and a provision that ensures that all students receive the care and guidance to support them now and in having happy, successful lives in the future.


          Vince Green

          Regional Education Director



          GCSE Results 2019

          Following a year of incredible effort, dedication and a can do attitude, students and staff at The Queen Elizabeth Academy are celebrating yet another year of strong academic results.  For a fourth year in a row, the progress of students at TQEA is set to be well above National Average in the government’s Progress 8 headline measure.

          English and Maths remain at the centre of The Queen Elizabeth Academy’s academic results with 77% of students in English achieving a grade 4 or above and 75% of students in Maths also achieving a grade 4 or above.

          Results data shows that students in the core subjects of English, Maths and Science have outperformed their counterparts in other schools, with TQEA students recording above National Average grades.

          Whilst the traditionally academic subjects are of importance, so too is the wider curriculum at TQEA.  Students in Art achieved incredibly well with 85% awarded a grade 4 or above.  PE BTEC students achieved a 100% pass rate and 100% of our incredibly talented Music students achieved at grade 4 or above.

          Whilst we always celebrate the achievements of the team at TQEA, there are some notable individual performances that deserve to be shared:

          Lowell Sheasby achieved a Progress 8 score higher than any other student at TQEA demonstrating his dedication and effort across all 11 GCSE subjects studied.

          Sophie Cruddas achieved a staggering three grade 9’s and five grade 8’s which put her top of the attainment table.

          Our Principal commented:

          “I am incredibly proud of our students and staff. They have all worked tirelessly across the year and today got their just rewards.  The continued success of our school benefits, not only those directly attached, but the community as a whole. ‘We Can & We Will’ – ‘They Could & They Did’”

          Vince Green, Regional Education Director said:

          “I am delighted to see another strong set of GCSE results at The Queen Elizabeth Academy.  Year on year students make excellent levels of progress at the academy and this is testimony to their hard work, and to the dedication of the outstanding team of staff that work there.  Congratulations to all the young people on their achievements.”


          GCSE Results – Headlines:

          77% achieving a grade 4 or higher in English.

          75% achieving a grade 4 or higher in Maths.

          65% achieving a Grade 4 or higher in both English and Maths.

          English, Maths and Science all above National Averages.

          Provisional positive Progress 8 score for the 4th year in a row (well above National Average).


          22nd August 2019



          School performance tables show that we are the top North Warwickshire school.  Thank you to our dedicated staff for their professional work and to our amazing students for their stunning efforts.

          Click here for full details and to compare school performance (.gov.uk)


          Read More…


          GCSE Success Evening 2019


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